My Story

I've always had an active imagination. As a kid, I used to craft stories in my head. That eventually grew into a need to tell stories using the written word. Despite this, I never managed to convince myself that I should write as a career.

As a result, I ended up studying Law at McGill University. My legal career took me to Connecticut to be in-house counsel, at the largest privately owned ferry company in the United States. This also allowed me to get my first real exposure to business. I became the first person in the world to receive a business card with the title, "Counsel, International Affairs/Director, Food Services."

After two years in Connecticut, I returned to Montreal, determined to start a non-legal career. It was at that point, that I joined the Yellow Pages Group and became part of a team that was attempting to transform a 100-year old print directory into a premiere digital marketing company. Since then, I have launched product offerings for search engine marketing, online local display advertising, and Facebook marketing for local businesses, and currently head up the product team for all online presence and content products. Hundreds of thousands of SMBs use our services and media.

Throughout all of this, I have never stopped writing both fiction and non-fiction. As a freelance writer, I've written pieces for multiple online and offline publications on topics ranging from marketing to the environment.

I also co-founded Gin and Tea, a boutique video production firm; co-founded and edit one of the fastest growing online tattoo magazines in Canada, Skin Deep in Art; wrote a marketing guide for small and medium-sized businesses entitled 21st Century Marketing; arduously pursue self-improvement; write a blog about happiness, The Happiest Man in the World; and practice minimalism.

In a world that is increasingly specialized, I am a consummate generalist. I am a Jack-of-all-trades.

Other Homes on the Web

I have lived on the web for the better part of my adult life. I write, interact and exist in many places across the web. Here are just a few places you can find me.

I have also written at some point for sites such as,, and many more.